1. With the economy developing rapidly, I'm glad to see our city is taking on a new look.
2. Over the past twenty years or so, great changes have taken place in our life.
3. Tired as I was, I never felt so happy.



1. 家庭;
2. 工作;
3. 业余生活。
I often imagine what my life will be like in the future. I would like to give a general picture of my future life in ten years.
First of all, I will have a warm family where family members will love each other and care about each other. As for me, since being a teacher is my dream, I'm sure that this dream will come true then. I wish to teach foreign students traditional Chinese culture in a college at that time and I will certainly introduce China to the world. Time permitting,I expect to have more spare time to spend with my friends so that we can have a better relationship.

Such will be my future life, the one I have been dreaming of.


1. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.
2. It takes over ten experts and professors four years to finish this dictionary.



假设你是晨光中学高二( 1 )班的班长李华,得知美国学生 Chris 作为交换生,下学期将到你班学习。请你根据以下提示,给他写封邮件:
1. 表示欢迎;
2. 介绍与本地生活相关的信息(如天气、饮食)
3. 介绍本班情况。
参考词汇:交换生 exchange student

Dear Chris
I'm Li Hua, the monitor of Class One Grade Eleven.
I ' m very excited about your coming to our school next term as an exchange student.
Firstly, I'd like to tell you about the weather in my city, which is often windy and cold in winter. So you should bring your warm clothes. Secondly, would you mind eating noodles? Because people here mainly live on wheat flour. However, don't worry about it. You will have no difficulty in finding western food. Thirdly, I want to introduce our class to you. The teachers in our school are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also patient and understanding.   Everyone in my class is active. I hope you will soon become a member of our Class.
l'm looking forward to your coming.

Li Hua


1. Today I am very glad to have the chance to run for the vice president of the English Club.
2. It was with sincerity and faithfulness that we created a harmonious atmosphere.
3. I am sure that with your great efforts, you will enjoy a colorful and fruitful life here.



1. 个人的优势介绍(如性格、特长等);
2. 工作设想;
3. 表达竞选的愿望。
参考词汇:副主席 vice president 竞选 run for
Good afternoon, my dear friends.
My name is Li Hua. Today I am very glad to have the chance to run for the vice president of the English Club. I feel qualified to take the job. Not only have I gained a lot of experience from my job as monitor but I am also good at organizing activities.
Looking in the future, I will try my best to assist the president and serve my fellow students if I am lucky enough to be the vice president. For one thing, I will organize some campus activities, like "English Evening", a platform where students can show their English. For another, I will organize more activities to enhance the interschool communication.
I sincerely hope YO u will give me a chance.
Thank you.


1. The street is to the south of Tian'anmen Square.
2. It can date back to six hundred years and has a length of about 800 metres,along which lie 300 shops.
3. It's a small flat of 25 square meters, with a bedroom a bathroom and a kitchen.
4. The city stands on the bank of the Changjiang River.


假定你是李华,你的美国朋友 Sarah 打算暑期来北京旅游,来信询问改建后前门大街的情况。请你写封回信,简单介绍以下内容:
1. 简况:长 800 余米、 600 多年历史、 300 余家商铺;
2. 位置:天安门广场南面;
3. 交通:公共汽车 17 、 69 、 59 等路,地铁2号线;
4. 特色:步行街、当当车、茶馆、剧院等。
参考词汇:步行街 pedestrian street 当当车 trolley car 地铁 subway
Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your letter asking about the rebuilt of Qianmen Street. Here is something about it. Qianen Street is a famous street of over 600 years old. Along this 800-metre street, there are more than 300 shops.

Tian'anmen Square, it's very convenient to get there by bus. You may take buses NO. 11, 69 or 59! Subway Line 2 has a stop there too. Qianmen Street is a pedestrian street, but there are trolley cars to take you not only to the shops, but also to the theaters and teahouses where you can experience a truly Chinese way of life. I'm sure you'll like it.

Li Hua


1. The following are our preliminary arrangements for your review and comments.
2. Please feedback whether you're satisfied with this schedule, and we will make some changes if necessary.
3. If there is anything I can do for you, I would be more than glad to help.



假设你是李华,加拿大一所学校将于今年暑假组织学生来你校访问。其间, Andy smith 将借住你家。请你代表全家写信给 Andy ,欢迎他的到来,并告知有关事宜。信的要点如下:
1. 上午:学校活动
2. 下午:游览市区
参考词汇:安排 arrange
Dear Andy,
I am glad to learn that you are coming to China and will stay at my home. My parents and I are very pleased to have you with us. Now let me tell you what we have arranged for you.
I know the school will organize a lot of things for you to do in the morning, but in the afternoon show you around and take you to some places of interest. We'll mostly stay at home in the evening watching TV, playing games, and meeting people.
I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time and enjoy each other's company. l'm looking forward very much to meeting you soon.

Li Hua


1. Recently, a survey has been done to find out …
2. One thousand senior middle school students from ten schools in HuBei Province were interviewed.
3. The survey shows that more than half of the students like to read news most.
4. The survey shows that half of the girls choose..., while 48 % of the boys …
调查发现一半的女生选... ,而48%的男生...
5. In order to celebrate the 90th birthday of our Party and enrich our lives, our school has organized a patriotic song concert recently.



受某英文报的委托,你最近对高中生的英语阅读兴趣做了一次调查。请根据以下信息,用英语为该报写一篇 100 词左右的短文。短文的标题及首句己为你写好。
调查范围:湖北省的 10 所中学
Reading Interests of Senior Middle School Students
Recently, a survey has been on to find out the reading interests of senior middle school students.
ln this survey, one thousand senior middle school students from ten schools in Hubei Province were interviewd. They were asked which they liked reading most among the four categories of English articles: news, stories, popular science articles and articles about learning methods.
The survey shows that more than half of the students like to read news most. Twenty-six percent of the students say that English stories are their favorite. Only seven percent of the students are most interested in reading articles about learning methods. However, the number of the students who enjoy reading popular science articles doubles that of those who prefer reading articles about learning methods.
Yours truly,
Li Hua

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